About Mac & Bean Designs

How it all began...

I never had an inkling for fashion. I never cared about what I wore, or how I looked. After several years as a stay-at-home mom, I had become comfortable wearing sweats and a hoodie.  Dare I say, it had become "my look."

I had also begun to think about my future plans. My kids were now in school during the days, and I would finally have some "me" time.  What would I do?  Would I go back into teaching in some capacity? Would I pick up my tutoring business or advocating business again, or would I go in a new direction?

For years, I have been viewing the incredible photos that my father has taken.  As a passionate photographer, he has traveled the world and captured some amazing photos that instantly evoke emotion.  Our planet is a wonderful site to see.

I often wondered what could be done with these phenomenal images. How can we remind people of nature's beauty, and be inspired to preserve our natural home?  Could we build a website, or publish a book?  How could I do something positive?  And then...I stumbled upon the most incredible idea!

Why not make them into clothes?  Meet Mac & Bean Designs.  Named for my two daughters, I am proud to share this family inspired venture with everyone!

Mac & Bean Designs...where you wear nature.